The current activity recommendations according to the Australian Department of Health and Aging (2008) suggest;

  • All people should do some form of physical activity, no matter what their age, weight, health problems or abilities.
  • Older people should aim to be active every day to accumulate at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on most, preferably all, days.
  • Older people who have stopped physical activity, or who are starting a new physical activity, should start at a level that is easily manageable and gradually build up the recommended amount, type and frequency of activity.


Exercise is medicine, it is widely recognized that exercise is medicine. We need to think of the dose of the medicine the same way we consider medication or drugs. Under dosing is a significant issue within exercise prescription, however it rarely receives the attention it deserves.

Medical practitioners thoroughly consider the dose of medication all the time. Think of the amount of anaesthetic required to undergo a procedure. To ensure that you get the correct dose of exercise we need to do an individual assessment. In addition, the exercise you perform needs to adapt, as your body adapts. To continue to make improvements we need to continually challenge your body. Your Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist will assist with this process throughout the program.